Get crypto wallet

You can use any crypto wallet you like, but we’ll use MetaMask in our article.

Open your web-browser google Chome or Firefox. Go to

Choose your browser or mobile OS and push Install MetaMask button.

For Firefox click Add to Firefox button to add extension

Confirm adding on the top panel

After axtension installed you’ll see fox button in your browser toolbar

Click it and then push Get Started on opened page

If you already have a wallet you can import its seed-phrase, but we will create new wallet.

Agree with MetaMask rules

Create a password for entering extension, this is not seed phrase, its password to access wallet on this device (browser).

We recommends to save your seed-phrase, but you can skip this for now and make it later. Never show your seed phrase to anybody, you can’t change it & it gives full access to wallet.

Now, after creating new MetaMask account you’ll have Ethereum wallet.

Now we need to add Polygon blockchain network, for this go to, scroll to the bottom of frontpage & click Add Polygon Network button with fox icon on it.

Confirm adding new network & that’s it, you have new Polygon wallet in MetaMask too.

Now we need to buy some MATIC tokens. you can use any CEX or DEX trading site or this one for buying MATIC with your Credit Card.

Check fiat & crypto amounts, accept terms and push Continue

Copy your Polygon (MATIC) address from your MetaMask wallet and enter it to Onramper from, also enter your email and phone number.

Now fill you credit card number and other needed information then press continue.

If you made everything clear, you’ll see you MATIC’s on your wallets balance in MetaMask.

After that, go to Cosidols Private Club & push Connect button on top menu, accept entrance than go to Mint section.

In mint section you’ll see price in MATIC for NFT-key. Push MINT button and sign transaction with MetaMask. 30 MATIC (and a little network fee) will be payed.

When you’ll see green check, that means NFT-key is already in your wallet. Now you can go to Home section.

In Home section choose desired album and click its cover.

Now you can Purchase this album with points in your NFT-key. Click Purchase.

Confirm transaction and voila! Now you can enjoy exclusive photos of this private album.

With new NFT-key you can open 3 albums, but its not the limit.

For opening more albums you can Refill your NFT-key with more points in Refill section.

That’s all, folks! have pleasure with Cosidols Private Club.